How to transform your engagers into clients?

All the creativity, intuition and invention you pour into the perfect Facebook advert only goes so far. Audience targeting is how your campaign is going to live or die, so its vitally important that you make the most of the tools on offer, and advertise to the right audience in the right way.

Here are some simple practices to be aware of.

Talk to your fans.

These are the people who can’t get enough of your website. They are the ones who visit regularly, who you can rely on.
Of course, what counts as a ‘fan’ is up to you. It might be the top 5% of your most frequent visitors. It might be the top 10% or even 20% - every situation will be different depending on your business and your relationship with your customer base.

The trick is to find the balance between quality and quantity and judge which catchment will work best.

Once you’ve decided, just set your advertising parameters to correlate with those people and you’ve got an instant dialogue with your hand-picked best customers.


Engage with your likely buyers.

This more selective method is based on the logic that those who engage with your page frequently know what your offer is and what to expect from your products. Ergo, you’re more likely to be dealing with contented customers familiar with the type of thing you sell.

To this end, you can target ads to people who have visited a particular page of yours, perhaps a ‘thank you for purchasing’ or ‘thank you for registering’ page. See the logic? These are people who have already committed the whole nine yards; these are your core purchasers.

You can then add a layer that targets anyone who found registration via a pre-existing Facebook ad (you know these worked for them once, so why wouldn’t they again?). It’s another way of talking to an interested, engaged audience.

Then, finish it all off by using any stored emails you have from purchasers, members or registered users. Be aware not all of these emails will link to Facebook profiles, but a majority will. By combining these three approaches you’ll go some way to covering each other’s various deficiencies in audience coverage.


Page Messengers

It’s now possible to create Facebook ads that appear in Messenger, so make sure you’re maximizing the potential of customers who respond to this approach.

The key thing to remember is that this is a new practice with fairly low audience numbers compared to the other methods listed here.

In order to boost these numbers and therefore your likelihood of success, you should consider a messenger destination ad.



Target specific visitors

You may not need to talk to people who swing by your site to read your blogs or check for contact information. You could well have particular requirements for your advertising audience.

Say you only want to advertise to people who have thoroughly browsed your products in the past – you can build an audience of those who have visited a specific page, or a number of pages that all contain a specific URL keyword. (E.g. anything that talks about ‘purchase’).

This allows you to be meticulous and specific with whom you’re approaching.

Of course, with specifying comes exclusion, and that’s no bad thing. It makes perfect sense to exclude those who have visited say, a blog, from further advertising to promote that blog. It saves everyone time, which is always a good thing.



Page Engagers

These engagers can be put into two different groups:

a) Anyone who has visited your page at all
b) Anyone who has engaged with your page via your adverts. (This is the more defined group, of course).

Again, this is about specifying and excluding. You’ll probably want to go for group b) and exclude those customers who have already responded to ads that lead to the same destination.

This ensures the advert is seen by people who have a record of engagement, but not necessarily those who have already visited the page you’re linking to.



Engage Video Lovers

It’s not all about websites because a website isn’t the root of everyone’s company. It’s not necessarily where the traffic lies.

Nowadays, video advertising is huge and perpetuates nearly everyone’s news feed, and fortunately, there are mechanics to help you talk to the people that your video connects with.

These custom audiences are very malleable. You can choose to target people who watched the whole video or maybe just stumbled across the beginning before moving on. If you know your content and know what messaging falls where in the video, you can target an audience that you know have already heard a certain amount of what you have to say.

For example, if someone watches your whole video, you can then send them further adverts, without needing to bother the people who weren’t interested enough to follow the video through to the end.

Stay tuned and find out How to build custom audiences on Facebook We have mentioned and go get some clients!


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