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Attract valuable leads with data-driven campaigns

To capture your target customer quickly and efficiently, we identify the most worthwhile paid advertising investments that will engage your audience. We do this while being strategic with your budget, so you get the most for your money.

If you want to get noticed online and increase traffic to your page, paid advertising is an essential step. As one of the most popular forms of paid advertising today, PPC or pay-per-click, is a vital part of any marketing plan.

Running a successful PPC campaign requires a deep understanding of the current ad landscape. Did you know that 30% of ad clicks today are fake due to bots and competitors clicking on ads?
At Alt_ Digital, we use advanced programs to prevent you from spending on fake clicks, saving 30% of your ad budget every month.

From Google Ads to YouTube, we help you identify which platforms to target and then guide you through every step of the process, from ad design and copywriting to optimising techniques that will make sure you close the deal.

If you’re ready to start driving traffic and gaining new customers, reach out and let us kick-start the process.


We analyze your audience and competitor data to find the right keywords for each campaign and ad group, pinpointing the ones that will return quality leads ›››


From strong ad copy to setting up an effective landing page, we make sure your search ads are efficient and effective ›››


Capture missed business with focused retargeting techniques. Users who visited your website or took actions, will be shown relevant ads that ›››


Harness the power of Google’s extensive network and make an impact with attention-grabbing display ads. Target the right audiences display Ads and reach your business goals ›››


Spanning in-stream to video discovery ads, we help you take advantage of this increasingly important format and find the right strategy to make the most of your audience’s limited attention.   ›››


Showcase your products to your customers and motivate them to buy with tailored ads that take advantage of strategic product attributes and grouping ›››

5 more reasons to think Alt_

1We keep things personal – That’s why we prefer a boutique approach that ensures every client is taken care of to the utmost.
2No long period contracts – We will never waste your time, giving you the freedom to start or stop working with us at any point.
3We live for the data – Datasheets are our happy place. We love to find quantitative insights which will help your business grow.
4Our clients seem to like us – Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients meet and exceed their business goals.
2We take it off your hands – We provide you with a full-service digital marketing experience that ensures no piece of your digital presence is left unturned.



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