5 methods to increase sales in Shopify using SEO

SEO for Shopify - 5 methods to increase sales

ECommerce sites are a wonderful way to make your business accessible to the public. One of the best and most convenient platforms today is Shopify, the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Over a million businesses choose Shopify to produce impressive and easy-to-use online stores with the help of templates and easy-to-use design options. Shopify has risen to become a leading player in its field. However, what is a site worth if it is inaccessible to surfers? That is precisely the purpose behind our sharing this article. Read on and discover methods to increase sales in Shopify using SEO.

5 methods to increase sales in Shopify using SEOHaven’t got a trade site yet and are looking to set it up? Visit our guide to help you increase sales on eCommerce sites.

Shopify is an online commerce platform established in Canada in 2004. It provides storage and design services for eCommerce sites. It runs on monthly subscription fees; as of last year, the platform was used by over a million people.. Shopify facilitates a convenient interface with lots of individual design options, and also with organic promotion options through which you can perform all the basic SEO actions easily and simply.

Organic promotion actions that can be easily performed in Shopify:

  • Titles and descriptions (remember that product descriptions are an essential tool in increasing sales )
  • In-page headings (H1, H2, H3 ...)
  • Alt for photos
  • References 301
  • AMP
  • CDN

The SEO options on Shopify sites are basic but essential and effective. They represent only the tip of the iceberg with regard to organic promotion options. With this guide, we offer you ways to increase the organic traffic of surfers to your site. so, keep reading!

The basis for a high-quality Shopify website

In order to make the most of this guide, it is important that you ensure that your site meets the following basic criteria:

  • Be a paying subscriber at Shopify
  • Your site should have a unique URL
  • The site should be with SSL encryption
  • Adjust the display to mobile
  • Set up an account in Google Analytics
  • Set up a Google Console account
  • Submit your sitemap to Google Console

As mentioned, these are the basic criteria to match your site to the requirements of Google and other search sites. If you have all of these, you can advance to the methods of increasing sales in Shopify with the right use of SEO. If your site still does not meet the basic criteria, however, it is imperative that you stop for a moment to address it and then continue reading.

5 Methods That Will Increase Organic Promotion At Shopify Sites

Once all of our sites are at the same base, we can begin to tell you about the methods you can do to increase sales in Shopify with SEO:

  • Optimize the structure of the site

stucture as method to increase sales in shopify

The configuration in which the content is arranged within the site (the structure of the site) is very important for the efforts of organic promotion. If you create a display that will help surfers orient themselves easily and comfortably on your site, they are likely to stay longer on the site. In return, the search engines will rank your site higher. So how do you make navigating the site easier?

The most convenient and simple way to help with navigation is to maintain simplicity and not complicate matters when not necessary. Try to keep a minimum of categories and sub-categories, do not go crazy and invent a million sub-categories; do not try to be too clever and think of names that are too original for your categories. Remember that a light and comfortable website structure helps the search engines to crawl the site more easily, thus making the crawlers stay on your site longer and get a higher ranking and more pages being crawled.

Note that when maintaining a convenient and simple website structure, it is possible to create a website where the distance between the product itself and the home page is a few clicks away. If you do this, you will be able to ensure comfortable and efficient browsing for your clients - they in return will not freak out from the site but will enjoy the experience of online shopping. If you put the browsing experience of the potential buyer in your head when designing the site, you can build the perfect site for it.

Other things that are important to perform when optimizing the structure of the site will be to add all the pages that Google considers necessary and affect the degree of reliability of the site. These pages are:

  1. About page
  2. Contact page
  3. Terms of purchase and details of returns, exchanges, deliveries and terms of use on the site
  4. Accessibility options for people with disabilities
  • The goal is not only purchase but also time spent on the site
    One of the most important elements in the world of organic promotion is the time spent on the site (or Bounce Rate in English); this is actually a term that refers to the period of time that begins as soon as the surfer enters our site. Among SEO experts, there is an agreement that the longer the surfers stay on the site, the higher the search sites will reward you, as this is an indication that your site provides real value,

    So how can you help surfers stay on your site longer?

    1. Create quality and original content, content that will add value to surfers and satisfy their desires and needs. Remember that if you want the surfers to stay longer on your site, you need to provide them with good reasons to stay on it and not move on.
    2. If you listened to us in the first section then also your convenient site structure will help them stay longer.
    3. Make sure you have internal links on the site - for example, add "read more" at the end of the article or next to products present options for similar products.
    4. Encourage surfers to respond to content and leave comments and opinions.
    5. Add a video to your site that provides value as well.

  • Do not neglect the word research
    This section is very important and could also come as the first section, keyword research is the most basic tool that exists for organic promotion efforts. The conceptual basis of keywords is to locate the words that reward people are looking for as they type in the search engines and to inject them organically and coherently into the texts on the site.

    To find the winning keywords we need to locate three different components: what was the keyword that people are looking for, how many searches are done on that keyword per month and what is the degree of competitiveness around the keyword. Once we have this data we can locate the desired keywords and start writing the texts of the site based on them.

    It is very important to also optimize the site based on the keywords and make sure that they exist for example in the titles and URLs of the site. But remember that the use of keywords should always feel natural and not forced if the text feels like an artificial and unreal reader it will just not read it and leave the site.

  • Take care of duplicate pages
    We are already starting to get more and more into the technical details of the SEO world, but these tools will help you a lot to increase sales in my shoes if you implement them properly. Most Shopify sites have two versions - one is the version that sits on your unique domain, while the other is the myshopify version which is the version associated with the Shopify parent site.

    The result of two such sites is, almost certainly, the creation of duplicate pages and the risk that search engines will identify your content as duplicate and stolen. Shopkeepers take care of making references to duplicate pages automatically, but like everything in life, they also make mistakes sometimes so it is very important to make sure that all the references work properly.
    How do you do that? Enter the site and go to the domain ( Online Store >  Domains )To make sure you see the message that says traffic from all domains is being redirected by referring to the main domain. This post bodes well. If you do not have this message you need to perform the operation manually.

  • Set up a blog
    While it may be true that you are a man of hands and practical work, in order to promote your site and create authority and credibility in the eyes of the surfers, you must produce visibility on a regular basis. A blog that is frequently maintained and provides added value to surfers with quality and non-marketing content is one of the most effective ways that exist to promote the site and increase sales.

    It is very important to make sure that the content you write is presented in a comfortable and readable way, and it is also important to make sure that it deals with issues that are directly (or indirectly, but there must be some visible connection) to the site. The blog provides you with an opportunity to show the much knowledge you have in the field and also to naturally and organically insert more keywords into the site. Of course, this quality content also provides surfers with a good enough reason to stay longer on the site and you only benefit from it.

Need help setting up or optimizing Shopify sites to increase sales? Contact us at Alt Digital today and our team will be happy to be at your service and perform a comprehensive inspection of the site for you to locate the places where it can be improved and bring about good quality performance. So come on, we're waiting for you.

Author of the article - Assaf Shimoni

CEO of Alt_ Digital Marketing LTD


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